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About Invenio

Invenio was born out of NFT Ventures, one of the largest fintech venture portfolios in Europe. Our team evaluates thousands of startups each year and brings insights from the VC investment world to the growth projects we advise and operate. As founders ourselves, we live the company-builder’s life on a daily basis. Our growth orientation makes us a strong partner for growth cases, and we strive to deliver results from the planning phase through implementation.

Meet the team

Jay Jensen


Eleonore Hinlopen

Program Manager

Vincent Weir


Lana Brandorne

Program Manager

Marcus Gadrés

Product Manager

Emma Hamre


Ludwig Kukacka

Creative Director

Lisa Fahlgren

Program Coordinator

Casper Wrede


Anette Trulsson Corda

Executive Advisor

Catharina Eklof

Executive Advisor

Joakim Hauge

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