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We help large companies grow at the speed of entrepreneurship

We support our clients with a range of growth services—from market mapping to venture M&A.

Venture M&A

Born from one of Scandinavia’s most active venture firms, we take a thesis-driven approach to innovation investment. We scan new markets quickly and look for growth in multiples, not percent.

Venture integrations

After you make a strategic investment, the hard work of integration begins. Our merger integration and project management teams help you navigate the political intricacies of integration by keeping all stakeholders focused on the same goal.

Insights outside your core

We understand how difficult it is for large corporations to make strategic bets in unfamiliar markets. We help our clients understand emerging market opportunities through structured research and detailed growth strategies.

Outsourced R&D

Many big companies are competent operators, but few possess the incentives necessary to disrupt themselves. We help our clients partner with startups that do have these incentives–thereby granting them preferential access to innovation while hedging against possible failures.

Company building

Sometimes, the company our client wants to buy doesn’t exist on the market–and the risks required to create it internally are not in sync with the rewards.  In these circumstances, we turn to our track record of creating companies. From finding entrepreneurs to raising the capital, we see visions through to execution.

Our services

We support startups and their efforts to scale

Connect to scale, find new talent, or raise your next round. At Invenio we are committed to the startup community and its success.


Many B2B startups are just one excellent reference away from product-market-sales fit. We help startups of all kinds work with established corporations, and pride ourselves on bringing partnerships to life.


Our work puts us in regular contact with top talent. We’re often among the first to know when startups are hiring or someone wants a change. In either case, we love connecting the dots.


Raising capital can feel like a full-time job. We help startups quickly become investor-ready and leverage our network of venture investors to streamline the process.