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At Invenio we are committed to the startup community and its success.

Go to market

We know from experience: it’s difficult to assess unfamiliar markets for the purpose of making strategic bets. We help our clients understand opportunities through structured research and detailed growth maps. From customer surveys to competitive watches, we validate strategy with data.

Case study

How our analysis of omni channel payments to go market saved one client 7.5 million SEK

Open Innovation

Many big companies are competent operators, but few possess the knowledge or incentives to disrupt themselves. We help our clients partner with startups that do have these incentives–thereby unlocking access to innovation and hedging against failures.

Case study

How Mastercard built a startup platform to support R&D, business development and marketing

Venture building

Sometimes, the risks required to launch a venture internally are not in sync with the rewards. In these circumstances, we turn to our track record of creating more than a dozen companies. From raising capital to recruiting and managing talent, we see visions through to execution.

Case study

How a 100-year-old client used startup M&A to build a $610m payments company


Both turnarounds and venture investing require an optimism that can see opportunities where others see risk. By bringing the insights, methodologies and incentives from high growth companies to distressed assets, we work alongside investors to unlock extraordinary returns.

Case study

Kickstarting a €200 million fintech turnaround


Our zero-to-one process tests ideas and takes them to market.


Turn growth maps into growth strategies



Launch new ventures & markets on-time



Create & capture sustainable revenue

About Invenio

Invenio was born out of NFT Ventures, one of the largest fintech venture portfolios in Europe. Our team evaluates thousands of startups each year and brings insights from the VC investment world to the growth projects we advise and operate. As founders ourselves, we live the company-builder’s life on a daily basis. Our growth orientation makes us a strong partner for growth cases, and we strive to deliver results from the planning phase through implementation.

Meet the team

Felicia Nordgård

Venture Strategy

Vincent Weir


Emil Jerndal

Venture Associate

Casper Wrede


Noah Adé

Venture Analyst

Pär Roosvall

Board member

Carolina Wallenius


We work with a network of 30+ partners to deliver work across geographies and areas of expertise.

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