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Invenio Innovation Networks

Future proof your organisation

Invenio presents a strong network of professionals holding leading positions in the Innovation space within large and medium sized organisations. The network is cross industry to ensure interesting dialogue and sharing of challenges in a safe place.

As a member of the Invenio Innovation Network you get access to a professional network of people holding leading positions within the Innovation space. The networks help you develop your leadership skills, provide new insights for your organisation and coach you on personal as well as professional and strategic challenges in a confidential setting.

The members of the Invenio Innovation Network are experienced leaders in Innovation in large and medium sized organisations, where titles found amongst members include Chief Innovation Officer, Innovation Lead, Growth Innovation Officer and Head of Innovation.

Invenio Innovation Network meets 6 times a year. Each group contains approximately 8 members to guarantee a close and sharing atmosphere. Each group has a qualified teamleader from Invenio’s experienced team. The themes for each session are set in the groups with guidance from the teamlead.

The next Invenio Innovation Network group starts April 2023.

Please contact Casper Wrede for further information on: